Monday, March 9, 2015

Tanzania, Africa - 6

Hi, Today we left our camp outside the Ngorongoro crater and headed north to Serengeti National Park.

Before we left I too this photo in front of our tent.

Our guide elected to take a back road this morning instead of following the more direct but far less interesting main road.  On the way we passed a number of Masai villages.  Here wealth is measured by the number of cows in ones herd.

All Masai herders carry sticks which serve a number of purposes (above and below).

Here is a typical small village.  We saw some a lot larger.

After a bit more driving we came upon a huge group of giraffes (above and 3 below).  I think Mkenda, our guide, said he counted 42.  It was the largest group he had ever seen.  

Next we came upon a group of vultures trying to eat a dead zebra.  Mkenda believed the zebra had died of natural causes as there was no indication a predator had been there first.  The vultures were having a very difficult time breaking the skin of the zebra so they could dine.

Further along we came on a small group of trucks stopped by the side of the road.  When we pulled up we saw they were watching a female Impala give birth (above and below).

In about 20 minutes the newborn calf was up and moving.

After lunch we headed out again.  We soon came upon this Cheetah resting on the top of a termite mound (above and two below).

Eventually the Cheetah ambled off

and headed for a heard of wildebeest.  He/she just walked right up to them as there was not where to hide.  The wildebeest were wary but just stayed where they were.  The Cheetah ambled right through the herd as if it was completely disinterested and then when it thought it was close enough went after one of the wildebeest, however, without success.

Here's another Cheetah on a termite mound.

Once again our day ended with a beautiful sunset.  Thanks for looking.

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