Monday, March 23, 2015

Tanzania, Africa - 8A

Hi, Our second day in the Serengeti National Park began with a beautiful sunrise (two below).

The open savanna hosted large herds of wildebeest and, as we will see, zebra.

Where there are prey animals there also are animals to prey on them, e.g., hyenas.

Thomson's Gazelles.

Vultures tending a nest (above and below).

A Black Headed Heron looking for breakfast.

A lone Cheetah checks out possible targets.

Mkenda spotted a pair of Tawny Eagles.  He told us that just before taking wing they would stretch.

It was good advice as all of us were able to catch them in flight (above and below).

The only leopards we saw were in trees.

We visited a lake where flamingos congregate.  At the time of year we were there only a few were present (above and three below).

Thanks for looking.

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