Saturday, January 23, 2016

Japan - 3

Hi, After a day at sea Diamond Princess reached our first port of call; Kushiro on the island of Hokaido.

On exiting the ship I noticed the ships reflection in a huge puddle.

Our first stop was the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park.  The park is devoted to plants and there really wasn't much to see there.

Next up was Akan International Crane Centre.

During the winter food is set out for the birds and there is flock in residence.  During the summer only a couple of birds in cages were present.

Our final stop was at a typical Japanese grocery.  The shopping center also had a McDonalds.

The displays are very different than in the U.S.

Fruit is very carefully packaged although not all was done to this degree.

This section was devoted to painkillers and

this one to fireworks.

Two young girls were enjoying playing on exercise machines.

A variety of liquors were offered.

The next day was at sea which provided an opportunity to look around the ship and take some photos (above and three below).

This is one of the bridge wings taken from our balcony.

Some sun coming in at a rakish angle combined with the ship's wake to produce this photo.

Thanks for looking.

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