Saturday, January 23, 2016

Railfanning 1/22/2016

Hi, I spent yesterday afternoon taking these photos at Gaithersburg, MD with friend Ira Silverman. Between CSX and MARC it was reasonably busy.

Shortly after our arrival the early afternoon MARC train for Brunswick pulled into Gaithersburg.  When I heard the train call a signal about a mile away I set up for the shot with my wide angle to short tele zoom but could not find the focusing square.  I quickly realized the battery was low so I hurried back to the car and put a spare battery into my grip.  It too was low so I grabbed the camera with my tele zoom and was able to grab this photo.

Next up was Q130.  By this time I had put my third battery into the camera with the wide angle to short tele zoom and it was fine.

By now the snow was really picking up so to protect my cameras we moved to the parking structure diagonally across the street from the station.  Here we photographed the empty garbage train returning from Dickerson, MD,

Q261 (abpve and below),

an eastbound auto rack train, and

two more commuter trains (above and six below).

We were going to stay for the westbound Capitol Limited but learned it was cancelled.  Way to go Amtrak.

Thanks for looking.

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