Thursday, March 10, 2016

February railfanning

Hi, February was a slow month; I only got out for a half day with friend Jim Mixter. We spent the time visiting four sites on the Northeast Corridor south of Baltimore.

Our first stop was the point where the south (or west) leg of the wye joins the Corridor (above and two below).  The tail track of this wye forms the branch to Morgantown and Chalk Point, MD.

Among the trains photographed was an Acela,

a MARC train being pushed toward Washington by and HHP-8, and

A Northeast Regional train.

Our second stop was just up the road at the Bowie State campus station (above and three below).

While we were there a small track crew went to work with one man at the north (or east) end of the platform with a whistle sign.  Here a MARC train headed for Washington is slowing for its station stop (above and below).

The second HHP-8 (above and below) was good fortune indeed as Amtrak has announced they will no longer maintain these locomotives after 2017 and replacement power already is on order.

Having made its stop the train pushed on toward DC.

Our third stop was at Odenton.  First up was the westbound Cardinal.

A few minutes later a northbound (or eastbound) Acela came through followed by

the Crescent pulled by one of the very few remaining AEM-7s.

Our final location was Halethorpe where we saw a MARC train headed for Baltimore,

two Acelas passing,

a Northeast Regional train bound for New York City,

another MARC train on its way to Washington, and

one more Acela going to Washington.  Thanks for looking.

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