Friday, March 11, 2016

Japan - 11

Hi, In this post I will cover our visit to Kanazawa.  In the morning we visited Kenrokuen Gardens while in the afternoon we explored former Geisha quarters.

The photo above shows the entrance to the gardens while the nine photos below were taken as we walked through the gardens.

There is a moss plot in the gardens which is weeded by hand.

Rocks in the stream are brushed with brooms.

Here is another pattern I found intriguing.

After the men finished cleaning the rocks and left, the stream quieted to yield nice reflections.

Its amazing what the Japanese will do to support trees (above and two below).

Ropes are used to tie the supports together.

Kasumi Pond in the park has this interesting tea house

and a two legged lantern which is emblematic of the park.

Adjacent to the park is the Kanazawa Castle.

A beautiful lily pond was outside the castle walls.

Before lunch we strolled through a market.

The merchandise displays (above and below) were very interesting.

In particular we noted how carefully the produce is protected from bruising.

This market is not a tourist attraction but rather a place where the Japanese do their shopping (above and below).

That afternoon we visited the former Geisha district.

Here are some interior views of one of the houses (above and three below).  Note the instruments and how spare the decoration is.

Here is an exterior decoration.  Thanks for looking.

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