Thursday, August 4, 2016

Italy - 7, Sorrento

Hi, The drive from Priano to Sorrento on April 20 was about an hour so even with a late morning departure Ruthe and I had the afternoon to explore Sorrento.  What follows is a selection of photos from that exploration.

It pays to look up.  Ruthe spotted this interesting staircase and Patio.

The road to the port follows this narrow cleft down to the sea.  A ferry can be seen leaving on the left side of the photo; probable destination - the Isle of Capri.

Lemons are grown and sold everywhere.

Produce shops were well stocked.

A selection of Liqueurs.

We stopped in a park overlooking the Bay of Naples where this woman had paused for a rest.

From another vantage point the coast along the north side of the Gulf of Naples can be seen.

Here is a view of the port and the Gulf of Naples from the same spot. Note the ferry at the dock.

Gelato, mmm good.  Thanks for looking.

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