Monday, November 14, 2016

Montana Trip - 6

Hi, On the next to last day of our trip the good weather continued to hold. The main emphasis for the next two days would be to be in Spokane two nights hence so we could catch our flights home on 9/29.

We started the day with an eastbound train of grain hopers descending Bozeman Pass, just west of Livingston, MT (above and four below).

Our final shot of the train was on the west side of Livingston.

A train of coal empties followed the grain hoppers east about 15 minutes later, shown here on the east side of town.

With nothing in the offing we headed west stopping in Bozeman to photograph the business train being serviced. Then we continued west.

Catching another grain train, this time westbound, was our ticket to Missoula where we again would spend the night. We photographed it at Gold Creek,

Jens (above and two below, the third photo is of the DPU),

Bearmouth, and


We got to Missoula just as the Afternoon Gas Local was departing for Thompson Falls and photographed it at Desmet (above and below),

Nagos, and

Evaro. Thanks for looking

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