Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Montana Trip - 7 and final

Hi, On our final day we followed the 4th Subdivision west from Missoula, destination Spokane for our flights home the next day.

As we were driving west we spotted this location between Toole siding and St. Regis.

We chased the train west and caught it at Quinns. There was no chasing the train any further so we continued west

stopping at Plains, MT. We hoped to catch the Day Gas Local here but first up was the eastbound Z train (above and below).

After shooting the Z train and Day Gas at Plains we were able to get ahead of the Day Gas at Paradise. Much to our surprise it took the 4th Sub instead of the 10th Sub over Evaro Hill. It is shown here crossing the Clark Fork River (above and below).

In spite of construction along our chase road (MT 200) we caught it at Quinns (above and below),

between Quinns and Donlan,

and at St. Regis.

The Day Gas local was followed by this eastbound manifest.

After the eastbound manifest we were able to beat the Day Gas to Superior  where it met a westbound grain train

with two DPUs.

While waiting for the eastbound manifest I took an appropriate photo of my longtime friend, Steve Salamon.

Here is the eastbound manifest on the right passing the grain train DPUs on the left.

When the manifest cleared the grain train continued west, and so did we. We caught it between Paslau and Superior and again

between Paslau and St. Regis (above and below).

Then it was time to head for Spokane. We looked around Spokane a bit but did not find anything we liked so this ended the trip.

It was a very enjoyable trip. Steve was great to travel with and his railfan knowledge contributed greatly to our success. Thanks for looking.

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