Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Italy Trip - 13, Messina, Sicily, Italy

Hi, Our third port of call was Messina, Sicily.

This statue, Stelle Della Madona Della Letera, greets ships entering the harbor.

An excellent view of the city was available from the sundeck of the ship. Here is Temple Christ the King.

We decided to just walk into the city instead of taking a shore excursion off the ship. We passed through Piazza Unione Europea and came upon this war memorial.

Occasionally a really old car, such as this Fiat 500 (above and below) was seen. This model was built from 1957 to 1975.

Eventually we came to Fontana de Orione in the Piazza Duomo (above and below).

The main attraction here is the Protometropolitana Basilica Cattedrale. At noon there is a show in which the statues in the various windows move (see seven below),

Note the different positions of the heads and the closed vs open mouth in the photos above and below.

The old and the new - horse drawn carriage and cell phone.

There were some pretty building decorations (above and two below).

After our walk I paused to take a photo of our ship. Thanks for looking.

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