Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Star Spangled Sail - The Arrival

Hi, My wife, Ruthe, and I went to Canton Park, in Baltimore on Wednesday, June 13 to view and photograph the arrival of the modern naval vessels and tall ships that would be open to the public over the weekend in commemoration of the beginning of the War of 1812.

First up was the Canadian Destroyer Iroquois.

With all the naval vessels arriving the harbor was alive with tugs.

Next was the Canadian Frigate Ville de Quebec.

Our first tall ship was the Gazella out of Philadelphia.

Those ships with guns fired a 21 gun salute as they approached Fort McHenry.  The puffs of gun smoke are from the Norwegian Frigate Thor Heyerdahl.

About a half hour later the Guided Missle Destroyer U. S. S. Donald Cook made port.

Next up was the Danish Frigate Esbern Snare.

One of the larger ships was the British ship Argus.  This was a a Primary Casualty Recovery Vessel, with a large helipad aft and a hospital on board.

After a 2 hour hiatus the U. S. S. San Antonio arrived.  This ship is classified as an Amphibious Transport Dock.

The final warship of the day was the U. S. S. Fort McHenry, a Landing Ship Dock.

She was lead into the harbor by a fire boat.

For a brief moment the Fort McHenry posed with the fire boat and the Pride of Baltimore.

The pride of Baltimore led the way past Fort Mchenry.

Two more tall ships arrived before we left.  First was Cisne Branco flying the flag of Brazil.

Next was Guayas from Ecuador.  Note the people on the yard arms.

This was my first opportunity to view tall ships and I really enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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