Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Star Spangled Sail - Departure

Hi, I headed back to Baltimore on Tuesday, June 19 for the departure of the tall ships and gray hulls (modern naval ships).  I hoped to see some vessels I had not seen the previous Wednesday, but was only moderately successful.

I met up with friends Rodney Peterson and Bill Kalkman at Canton Park, where Ruthe and I watched the ship's arrival.  The weather was cloudy.  While the Norwegian Frigate, Thor Heyerdahl, was photographed arriving,

the German Frigate, Hessen, was new to me.

I was not pleased with the background for the departing ships so when Rodney suggested the photography would be better at Fort Armistead Park we decided to move there.  The Danish Frigate, Esbern Snare, has just passed under the Key Bridge.

Two Canadian Coastal Patrol vessels, the Moncton,

and the Goose Bay, also new to me, were up next.  The Goose Bay is about to pass the abandoned Fort Carroll.

The Canadian Frigate Iroquois was the final grey hull of the day.

Now it was time for some tall ships.  Also seen on arrival was the Brazilian Cisne Branco.  It was great to see her carrying some sail.

The Indonesian ship Dewaruci was new to me.

The Pride of Baltimore had all of her sails when I photographed her on the upstream side of the Key Bridge.

Ecuador's Guayas followed next.  With the exception of the Pride, this was the final tall ship I saw before I left.

Commercial shipping included an empty auto carrier departing, and

and empty bulk carrier arriving.

Finally, the Pride of Baltimore headed out under power.

I really enjoyed the Star Spangled Sail and hope you enjoyed the photos.

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