Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WW II Air Show

Hi, On Friday, June 1 I attended the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's World War II weekend in Reading, PA  with friends Bill Kalkman and Rodney Peterson.  All of the photos were taken with a Sony point and shoot super zoom camera.  While this was fine for planes that were sitting or taxiing, it was very challenging to frame planes that were taking off, landing, or making a pass over the field.  The next time I attend I will bring an SLR.

In addition to the aircraft there were a large number of vehicles, some of which are pictured here, as well as other military hardware from the era.  I do not know, or in some cases remember, the designations of aircraft so this narrative will be brief.

Rides were offered on a number of planes, both single engine and multi engine bombers; hence there were many take offs and landings throughout the morning while we were there.

Every time this pilot landed he folded the wings of the aircraft.

The B-29 is on a take off roll.

There were two B-25s. This one did most of the flying.

Also, there were two P-51s.

Here the B-25 is taxiing to its parking spot.

A C-54 (military version of the DC-4) that participated in the Berlin Airlift is arriving as a trainer waits to take off.

The B-29 performs a fly by,

and lands.

The B-17 at lift off.

A half track next to a C-46.

Nose 50 caliber machine guns on a B-25.

The cockpit of a C-47 (military version of the DC-3).

Cabin of the C47 showing seats along the outside.  The grooves in the floor are used when handling cargo.

A P-40.

The C-46.

P-51 on a fly by.

B-17 landing.

A C-47 landing.

The other B-25 has just completed its flight.

The C-54 had an interesting pilot.

I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to doing it again next year.

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