Thursday, August 2, 2012

Colombia Gorge - 4

Hi, Typical of the weather in the gorge, it clouded up as we headed west from the Dalles.  Our first train was an east bound Z train west of Hood, WA.

We chased the train east and caught it again at Towal, WA. 

At this point the Z train got a good lead on us so we found a location at Goodnoe, WA to photograph train BARPAS (Barstow, CA to Pasco, WA).

We caught the BARPAS again east of East Brady, the east control point for Brady siding, and

on the east side of Roosevelt, WA.

We then headed west to Wishram, WA as the railroad seemed to have gone quiet again.  In Wishram we found the Fire Train still there, where it had been since Sunday,

with a caboose that was now designated a command center, and

three trains staged to head west as soon as the curfew ended.

We heard on the scanner that some westbound trains would be in the area so we headed to West Brady where we caught a garbage train.  Unfortunately, clouds got us for the shot.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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