Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Colombia River Gorge - 8

Hi, This was our final day of the trip.  I vowed we would do all we could to get the shot we wanted at Lake Rowland so I showered the evening before and we were up at 5:00 AM.  When we got to our spot the sun was just lighting up the near end of the causeway in the photo below.  Shortly thereafter a grain train headed west with a pair of DPUs.  FINALLY!

Before we left a hawk swooped overhead.

At the west end of the Lake Rowland causeway we spotted an Osprey nest.

We then returned east to Lyle.

We chased the train to Maryhill where it met the westbound Empire Buileder.

After the meet we photographed it one more time just east of Maryhill.

We then continued along the former SP&S roadbed for a following manifest.

At this point the curfew was in effect so we headed west to the Portland area.  On the way we spotted numerous crews working, including a rail gang.

Our first stop was Vancouver, WA where we were just in time for a northbound Cascades Service train.  The F59s are typically on the north end.

On the south end typically there is a former F40 used as a cab car.

We were surprised by this 4 unit Portland and Western lashup.

Shortly after the P&W locomotives cleared the southbound Coast Starlight arrived.

After lunch we relocated to Portland.  Portland Union Station remains a vibrant part of the community.

A very interesting tower sits at its east end.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the station area photographing Tri-Met LRVs.

This car has just crossed the Willamette River on the Steel Bridge at the left.

A few minutes after 4 PM we called it a day and headed for our motel near the airport.  While we did not get a number of the photos we wanted I was able to share the trip with a good friend and traveling companion, Stan Short.  In the final analysis that's what this hobby is all about for me. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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