Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Railfanning - 8-30-2013

Hi, Friend Rudly Volin and I spent Friday, 8/30 photographing the extremes of today's railroading; from a replica diamond stack 4-4-0 to the Acela.

We began our day at  Bailey's Wye in Baltimore where we caught the last inbound MARC train of the morning.  We then moved to the other side of the bridge in the background.

Soon after we repositioned this garbage train went north.  The signal bridge probably will be replaced shortly as the base for another signal has already been poured next to the support at the left.

After leaving Baltimore we drove to New Freedom, PA where the Steam Into History train was sitting at the loading area.  It had just arrived from a short trip to Glen Rock, which left at 10:00 AM.

We chased the noon trip to Hanover Junction, PA.  Our first shot was just north of the town line.  Note the engine pushes the train on its run to Hanover Jcn.

Next we moved to Railroad, PA.

We decided we wanted a town shot and found one in Glen Rock, PA.

We easily beat the train to Hanover Jcn. by at least 15 minutes.  The track to the left at one time went to Gettysburg.  However, now it ends just to the left of the station.

On its return we caught the train at Larue,

Glen Rock,

and pulling into New Freedom.

From New Freedom we headed to Halethorpe, MD where we photographed at the new commuter station that was dedicated on August 12.  Here we caught a number of trains including this northbound Acela,

a northbound Amtrak Northeast Regional train, and

a number of MARC trains, including these two making station stops.

Thanks for looking.

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