Thursday, September 5, 2013

San Francisco - 1

Hi, Next I'll turn my attention to the San Francisco Bay area. The PCC cars, the Boeing Vertol car, and the other modern car shown below were taken in March of 2000 when I accompanied my wife to a meeting she attended. There's a switch. The two other cars were taken a year or two later. By the way, the open car came from Great Britain and I think is part of a museum collection.

During our March 2000 trip I put aside a morning, bought a ticket for $2.00 which allowed me to ride the Muni for 2 hours and took the F Castro line, which uses the PCCs and the former Milan cars. With this ticket I could get off and on anywhere I wished during those 2 hours. It was a great way to railfan.

This next group of photos, of the California Northern, was taken in the mid 1990s, again all in one day.  A friend and I started at Napa Junction and chased the train out to Petaluma, CA and back.  I put these in station order beginning in Petaluma with outbound being from Napa Junction to Petaluma.  Here the outbound train has just arrived at Petaluma.

The train is making its second crossing of the Petaluma River as it arrives in Petaluma on the south side of town.

There were some open shots south of Petaluma of the train inbound.

Here the outbound is making its first crossing of the Petaluma River at Blackpoint.

Viewed from the other side of the bridge and the other side of the river here are two more views of the railroads crossing of the Petaluma River, this time with the inbound train.

Finally, the inbound train crossed the Napa River about three miles west of Napa Junction.

Thanks for looking.

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