Sunday, September 8, 2013

San Francisco - 2

Hi, Ruthe and I made our first visit to California in 1970. While there I took a few hours to go from Vallejo, where we were staying with friends, to Oakland to photograph the arrival of the California Zephyr and to Richmond to catch the departure of the San Francisco Chief (see below)

In 1981 I was in the Bay Area with three friends.  We had started in Portland, OR and chased the first run of ex-SP #4449 down to Sacramento for the opening of the California State Railway Museum.  While in the area we caught two trains climbing eastbound through Altamont Pass.

This is the second train.

As I said above, from Oakland Ruthe and I went to Richmond to photograph the departure of the San Francisco Chief.

On another trip to the Bay Area in the early 90s I photographed in and around Franklin Canyon.  This short intermodal train was westbound crossing what I think is called John Muir Trestle at the east end of Franklin Canyon in Martinez, CA.

Here, and eastbound manifest freight crossed the same trestle.

These light engines were westbound at the eastern end of the Canyon.

Finally, a westbound was photographed at Glen Fraser, just east of Tunnel 3.

Thanks for looking.

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