Friday, January 10, 2014

Irrawaddy River, Burma - 3

Hi, After we left the pagoda covered at the end of my last post we traveled to a nunnery, arriving in time to observe the young girls line up for lunch (below).

Before entering the dining hall (shown below) they were served food.

Shoes were not permitted in the dining hall.

We returned to our river boat after leaving the nunnery and sailed.  This is another view of the village where we had spent the night.

Both sides of the river were lined with Stupas.

Two young men bathed in the river.

In the afternoon we visited a school which receives support from the Grand Circle Foundation, set up by our trip operator for the purpose of aiding localities where they take tour groups.  The foundation will pay for a new floor for the school as the old one is rotting and has numerous holes in it.

The building is one large room with all grades.  The kids are really cute (above and two below).

Many locals came out just to watch us and our boat.

The woman above and the young man below have come to the river to get water.

That evening our guide led a group into town.  It has no electricity.  A few of the more well off people have a fluorescent light or two which are battery powered.  They need to go to a near by town with electric power periodically to get the battery recharged.  We met a number of residents of the village and were able to ask and answer questions with our guide as an interpreter.  Once again, the people were very friendly.

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