Thursday, January 9, 2014

Railfanning 1-8-2014

Hi, I was out railfanning yesterday with friends Bill Kalkman and Jim Kleeman. Our plan was to photograph Maryland Midland's train from Union Bridge, MD to Highfield, PA and return.  Unfortunately, that train did not depart until 4:00 PM.  However, Maryland Midland did run a train out to Keymar Fertilizer on the north side of Keymar on their former PRR line.

The train left Union Bridge while we were chatting with some Western Maryland Historical Society members at the depot, however, we were able to beat it out to Middleburg (above and below).  The train had stopped to throw a radio controlled turnout east of the grade crossing here.  This let the train take the siding from which it accessed the connection track from the former WM mainline to the former PRR line.  Note that the train had a GP38 on each end.

We caught the train again at the two grade crossings over the connection track (above - first crossing and below second crossing).  The above photo was through the open car window.

We next photographed at a crossing just north of the WM mainline (above and two photos below).

When the train arrived at Keymar Fertilizer Incorporated they used both locomotives to switch.  The one used depended on the move to be made.  Here the south facing locomotive is picking up some covered hoppers and

pulling past the the locomotive attached to the cars the train brought from Union Bridge.

Some of the incoming cars were spotted on the siding (above and below).

As the train prepared to depart we headed back to the grade crossing just north of the WM mainline (above and below) and then

to one of the grade crossings on the connection (above and below).

Our next to last stop was the Bucher Road crossing on the west side of Union Bridge.

I wanted photos of the train passing the former WM depot, now home of the WM Historical Society, in Union Bridge (above and below).

The going away shot shows the Maryland Midland offices on the left and Stambaugh's, a rental and supply store, on the right.

The train was back in Union Bridge by 11:00 AM and with nothing else scheduled here during daylight we headed to the Gettysburg Northern.  We followed the line as best we could all the way from Gettysburg to Mount Holley Springs.  Unfortunately we were unable to find their train so we headed home about 2:15 PM.  Still, an enjoyable day out.

Thanks for looking.

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