Monday, January 13, 2014

Irrawaddy River, Burma - 4

Hi, The next morning we noticed activity on the river bank.

Bananas were being unloaded from a small boat and stacked on land (above and below), and

a young boy regarded us curiously while

this gentleman watched the proceedings.

We stopped at a market this morning where Thanaka Bark is ground into a paste and applied to the face as a sunscreen.

Our guide, Lennie, is applying the paste to Ruthe.

We stopped along the road to watch as two men, each with a team of Brahman Cows, plowed a field (above and beloW).

We then drove to another Pagoda which had a number of large Buddhas (above and below) as well as

1000 small ones that sit under 1000 Bo trees.

Almost all farming is done by hand or with animals, including hoeing fields.

Another pagoda visited contained 512,000 Buddhas of various sizes in various positions.

Burma is a curious and interesting combination of the very old and the very new.  Here a monk photographs a Buddha with a cell phone.

Our guide, Lennie, found a moment to meditate.

These elephants guarded the gate to the pagoda.

That evening I participated in a home hosted dinner.  Here the dining area is set for us.

The husband repaired TVs and computer monitors.

Our dinner is on the stove.  It was very good.

The host family consisted of a mother, father, and two children.  The boy will attend university in the fall and will stay will family in the city.

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