Saturday, April 19, 2014

French railroads - Paris

Hi, My wife, Ruthe, and I spent two weeks in France (3/29 - 4/11). Most of the time we were on a river boat. I was surprised to find a few opportunities to take some train photos during the river boat part of the trip.  My first opportunity (actually 3 separate occasions) was in Paris.

A commuter line ran parallel to the Seine and across a plaza from where our river boat was docked (first four photos).  The globe in the photos above and immediately below is actually a tethered helium balloon.  For 12 euros it will take you up to a height of 150 meters (287 feet).

This photo was taken from a bridge and on the far side of the Seine.  The ships in the foreground are river boats.

There was a commuter rail station about 1/4 mile north of our ship.  The images above and below are looking down on the platform.  For some reason the trains ran left handed.

Looking to the north here there was some complicated track work.

A tram terminal also is located here (three photos).

There was another commuter station about 1/2 mile south of where we were docked.  The views above and below are looking north.

Here the views are looking south.

Thanks for looking.

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