Tuesday, April 22, 2014

French Railroads - Rouen

Hi, My third, and final,  opportunity to photograph rail operations in France occurred in Rouen.

A tram line terminated underground near where we docked (above entering the tunnel and

above and 2 below leaving the tunnel).

The trams above and below are on a bridge just south of the tunnel entrance.

After I photographed the trams I walked up to the passenger station.  It was located in a deep cut with the central part under the head house and parking lots.  I was reluctant to try to get on the station platforms as I spoke no French and did not have ID (my passport was on the ship) so I shot from bridges at both ends of the station looking down.  The photos above and below are from one end of the station.

I then moved to the other end of the station where the remaining train photos were taken.

On my way back to the ship I stopped in the station and took these views of the concourse.

Thanks for looking.

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