Monday, April 21, 2014

French Railroads - Vernon

Hi, Our second stop after Paris was a small city called Vernon. In the morning we visited the home and gardens of Renoir Monet; very pretty and interesting. The afternoon was at leisure.

Since Ruthe was tired I walked into town in search of the railroad station.  Note that all of the trains I saw used the same type of equipment.

The first train was a northbound.  After a brief stop it moved on.

The second train (above and below) was a southbound express which barreled right through the station.

Soon after the express disappeared a southbound local arrived.

It stopped at the station and waited for some time.

A number of passengers detrained and just waited on the platform.

After awhile the local departed.  I have no idea why it sat so long as the express that preceded it was long gone.

Soon another local showed up. 

It cleared the platform but it too sat for awhile before it left (above and below).

I had time to walk south of the station a couple of blocks for one last photo.  At this point I returned to the boat.  In total I was at the station under an hour.  Thanks for looking.

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