Monday, May 5, 2014

Railfanning the Grafton & Upton

Hi, Monday, April 28, was the only sunny day (actually morning) during my stay in the Boston area while visiting my daughter, Jo, and her family so I took some time to take a look at the Grafton & Upton Railroad.  This shortline has been brought back from the dead with its purchase in 2008 by Jon Delli Priscoli.  Today a new transfer facility has been built and another is under construction, and the railroad is being extended south of Hopedale, MA.

I began my visit at North Grafton, location of the railroad's offices and (currently) only connection to the outside world, with CSX.  The F unit and CF-7 (above and below) were sitting so that they could be photographed without going past a no trespassing sign.

After getting my photographs of the F unit and CF-7 I went into the office to ask for permission to go beyond the sign.  The lady in the office was very helpful and directed me to one of the engineers out in the yard.  He said it was ok and suggested I drive down to get the photos above and below.  That's my gray Trailblazer center right in the bottom photo.

I was told that the road crew had left earlier and was down at Hopedale switching so I headed down there to get the last 4 views in this post.

For some unknown reason the crew backed down to the current end of track and then came forward (above) and left town.

Thanks for looking.

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