Wednesday, May 21, 2014

France - Cruising to Vernon

Hi, After learning about Van Gogh, we spent the afternoon cruising to Vernon.  We found the Seine to be a very interesting river with many towns and small cities along its banks.  Below are a number of photos taken from the top deck of the ship as we sailed down river.

At various points the river was lined with rock out crops.  They looked like limestone to me (above and 2 below).

We stopped to view the ruin of the Castle of La Roche-Guyon, built in the 12th century.  Most of the castle was dug into the hill side.

A manor house, protected by the castle, was built in the 14th century.  Irwin Rommel's headquarters was here as he prepared for the liberation of Europe by the Allies.

One house along the river had a thatched roof, something we were very surprised to see in this area.

Thanks for looking.

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