Tuesday, May 13, 2014

France - Paris 3

Hi, On our second evening in France the crew had a special treat for us; a dinner cruise up the Seine.  We would come down river after dark.

Just up river from where we were docked was a small Statue of Liberty.

Some of the modern architecture is quite different.

We passed this old mail boat.

One of the buildings had this wrap on it.

A number of buildings along the river were lit up after dark.  This former railroad station is now an art museum.

The Eiffel Tower also is lit.  Every hour a series of strobe lights flash for five minutes.

On our last afternoon in Paris we visited the Louvre.  The small pyramid is inverted into the lobby.

A store on the edge of the lobby had this changing display.

Of course the Venus de Milo was a must see.

The art extended up onto the ceilings.

Huge works hung on the walls.

The Mona Lisa is kept behind a plastic shield.

Students come and sketch the paintings.

Here is a view of the small Arch de Triumph looking through it at the large pyramid.

The large pyramid is surrounded by fountains.

Thanks for looking.

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