Thursday, June 5, 2014

Monet's home and gardens

Hi, Our next port was the small city of Vernon from which it was a 5 minute bus ride to Giverny, the location of Monet's home and gardens.

As we walked to the house we photographed some of the individual flowers and

took some overall views of the garden.

Here is a broader view of the garden taken from a window in Monet's home.

Photography was not allowed in the home, however, Ruthe was able to take this in the kitchen without the guards noticing.

The grounds included a large pond.  Ruthe made this photograph to capture Monet's style.

The rowboat is used by workman doing chores such as removing algae from the pond.

Our walk back to our bus gave us the opportunity to photograph the village of Giverny (above and below).

We remained in Vernon for the afternoon and Ruthe decided to stay on the ship.  Given some free time I elected to find the local railroad station (see - On my walk back from the station to the ship I passed through the small historic district where I photographed the Coll├ęgiale Notre-Dame (now Parish Church),

and some of the buildings in town exhibiting the typical Normandy facade (above and below).

Before dinner that evening we joined two other couples and a single passenger as guests for a snack in a local home.  They had beautiful furnishings, including these antiques (above and below).

Thanks for looking.

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