Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trip to Streamliners at Spencer - 4

Hi, Below are a few of the images I took on Friday, May 30 at Streamliners at Spencer.  For the most part they are presented without comment.  It was a great day.

For some the devil is in the details.

Two special excursions were run, one each on Friday and Saturday, from Charlotte to the museum.  The trips included a three hour stay at the museum.  One of Bennett Levin's two attending PRR painted E units powered a three car train of his private cars.  The train is shown coming into Salisbury, NC on its trip from Charlotte at about 2:15 PM (above and below).

One of the Piedmont Trains run by Amtrak for North Carolina Department of Transportation came west a few minutes after the special went east.

The museum's Southern Rwy E unit was used on one end of the shuttle train.

One of the most interesting photo subjects was the photo freight run each day.  Of particular note was Friday's train with DL&W painted F3s.

At the end of our day we photographed the special excursion passing through Salisbury on its return trip to Charlotte.

Thanks for looking.

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