Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trip to Streamliners at Spencer - 3

Hi, Having photograped the CSX trains covered in the previous post we continued into South Carolina.  After a stop in Laurinburg, NC to get a room we headed for McColl, SC, the point of interchange between the Pee Dee River and CSX.

Established and owned by the Aberdeen and Rockfish in 1987, this railroad has Domtar paper company as one of its main customers serving plants in Bennettsville and Tatum.

Finding nothing in McColl we started to explore the line and encountered the train coming toward us at Tatum, about 3 miles southwest of McColl.  We were able to turn back to McColl and beat the train there for this shot.

After dropping cars on the interchange track for CSX to pickup the engines went light into town to get the inbound cars.

We left McColl ahead of the train and found a grade crossing just north of Tatum.

The crew worked one of the two Domtar plants, this one on the south side of Tatum, and then quit for the day (above and below).

Before leaving Tatum the next morning (Thursday) the crew did some more switching at Domtar.

Our next location was in Bennettsville, SC.

The Pee Dee River constructed a new line up to the second Domtar plant which now is the end of the line.  Our last photo of the railroad was taken from a dirt road across from Camp Bennettsville off SC 57.

Now it was time to head for Salisbury, NC where we would spend the next two nights while we attended Streamliners at Spencer.  On the way we stopped in Lauringburg, NC where we caught the Laurinburg & Southern twice (above and below).

At Rockwell, NC we found a NS local sitting.  The crew had gone for ice cream.

After a stop at the museum so Dale could deliver some of his books for the gift shop we went to the depot at Salisbury in the hope of finding something to photograph.  We were not disappointed.  First up was this eastbound freight.

About 20 minutes later a local came off the line from Asheville

pulled up to the station

and backed into the small yard there (above and below)

We then relocated a couple of grade crossings railroad east of the station.  After awhile a westbound pulled down and did some switching.

Thanks for looking.

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