Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trip to Streamliners at Spencer - 1

Hi, I metDale Diacont, my traveling companion for the next six days, at his home in Waynesboro, VA on Memorial Day morning and we headed south.

We arrived in Roanoke a little after noon and while looking around we ran across this eastbound stack train.  As it was moving very slowly we were able to get to the east end of town where we set up near these old shop buildings.

After lunch Dale wanted to follow the Winston Salem District, locally know as the Pumpkin Vine, for our trip south.  Unfortunately no trains ran while we followed the line south.

After spending the night in Asheboro, NC we drove to Candor, NC; headquarters of the Aberdeen Carolina & Western.  We took a quick look around and spotted this train sitting dead.  After getting some photos we sought information at the office as to what would be operating.  We were told the train we saw would go south later in the morning and that the crew was probably switching local industries.

We found a former Quebec North Shore & Labrador SD40 switching the Mountaire Farms elevator.  The unit is owned by the AC&W and is on lease to Mountaire.

We learned from a couple of other fans that they had seen a pair of AC&W SD40s switching in Aberdeen.  Eventually we headed south and intercepted the northbound train at Eagle Springs.  After chasing it back to Candor we photographed the crew switching at Candor at the north end of the Perdue feed mill (above) and

then moving to the south end to do some more switching before putting its train together.

The crew left Candor at 3:30 PM and we photographed the train a few minutes later at Eagle Springs,

between Eagle Springs and West End, and

on the north side of Aberdeen.

When we arrived at the interchange with CSX in Aberdeen we were able to photograph Q741 from Raleigh backing to its train on the north side of town.

After Q741 cleared the AC&W arrived to set out its train.  We learned from the crew that they would begin their day here tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

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