Wednesday, August 6, 2014

France - Mount St. Michel and Concale, Brittany

Hi, The second big driver to take this trip was to visit Mount St. Michel. We had a beautiful day for our visit and felt very lucky.
Mt. St. Michel is a fortified island that sits about a mile off the French coast.  A monastery sits at the very top with great halls for nobles underneath and rooms for stores at the bottom.  Fishermen and farmers lived outside the walls.

The streets within the walls are very narrow.  At the beginning of the climb to the monastery are shops and restaurants (above and below).

Here are a few of the photos I took as we climbed to the monastery (above and 3 below).

The roof of the abbey is made of wood.

This is an interior view of the abbey.

Outside the abbey is a cloister.

By noon, when we left the island, the light had changed so I took a parting photo.

After lunch we visited the town of Cancale, known for its oysters.

The town has a nice beach fronted by a small area given over to shops and restaurants (above and 2 below).

The beach also makes for a good spot to work on one's boat.  This one was being painted.

Thanks for looking.

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