Thursday, August 7, 2014

France - Saint Suliac, Dinan, Chartres

Hi, This will be the final post for our trip to France. 

On the morning of our second day in Brittany we took a walking tour of St. Malo. Images from this activity were included in a prior blog. During the afternoon of our second day we took an optional trip to the old fishing village of Saint Suliac followed by a visit to the small city of Dinan.

Saint Suliac is now a port for pleasure boats.  The homes are of granite construction, typical of the area (above and below).

In a nod to its fishing past some of the houses are decorated with nets.

This cat found our group very interesting.

The port of Dinan is nestled in a valley and is connected to the main part of town with steep streets.  This photo was taken from the remnant of the wall around the old city.  By now I am getting tired of including photos of picturesque old cities and towns so that's it for Dinan.

On our final day in France we drove to Charles de Gaulle airport via Chartres.  We had a couple of hours after our arrival to get lunch and look around the city a bit.  Ruthe and I found a bakery that sold sandwiches which we took to a small park with a shallow pool and fountains, and this merry go round.

As we walked around this display of dresses caught my eye.

Of course the highlight of a visit to Chartres is the Cathedral.  It is truly huge (above and 3 below).

These photos (above and 2 below) show the side of the cathedral.

The ornamentation on both the outside (above and 2 below) and

and inside is amazing. 

Many of the faithful walk this maze while meditating.

The inside also has a great deal of statuary some in dioramas. 

Thanks for looking.

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