Sunday, August 3, 2014

France - St. Malo, Brittany

Hi, After leaving the ship in Honfleur we traveled by bus to St. Malo where we would spend 3 nights.  After arrival in St. Malo we had a few hours before sundown so I took a walk around the city walls.  The next morning we had a walking tour of St. Malo.  The photographs from both are included in this post.

The old part of the city is almost completely surrounded by a wall.  There is a gate in each side of the wall.

From the top of the wall it is possible to get an idea of how narrow the streets are.

At one time this was the queen of Brittany's residence.  Today it is City Hall.

Just an old hinge and some wood that caught my attention.

Fortifications were built outside the walls on land that could be reached on foot during low tide (above) and on islands offshore.

The gulls were unafraid.

The water in the area is a playground for recreational boaters.

Beaches outside the walls are also used for recreation (above and 2 below).

Exterior lamps, such as this one, are very common.

This square was surrounded by well patronized restaurants (above and below).  The buildings on the far right in both photos are hotels.

One of the local shops had a display of puppets outside.

Thanks for looking.

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