Friday, September 25, 2015

Trip to Chicago - Day 4

Hi, Dale and I began our fourth day with a return to Blue Island Junction hoping for more trains. It was not to be.

The first train we saw was on the old RI and badly back lit.  However, it backed off the old RI and onto IHB trackage allowing these shots of and IHB caboose and the UP SD70M pushing the short train.  I am not sure why they were moving the Metra Electric MUs, whether they were the old double deckers or the new ones, nor where they were being taken.

About an hour later the CN ran a train (above and below) shown crossing the IHB.

Close on the CN train's heels was a CSX train with a UP SD70Ace in the lead (above and below).

About 10:45 we gave up after seeing one more train, a CP train headed back to home rails, axis lit from the rear.  Our next stop was Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard.  The bridge at the east end of the yard yielded no activity.  In the middle of the yard new wire had been strung across the yard right next to the bridge.  This was about the only shot available and it required a very long lens.  We left.

Our final target of the day was the BNSF triple track from Chicago to Aurora, IL.  This line has a number of very interesting depots for props.  Also, there is a mix of BNSF freights, Metra commuter trains, and Amtrak.

Our first location was Riverside, IL.  The photos above and two below are of just a few of the trains we saw there.

Our next stop was the Zoo.

Just east of the stop was top of a grade (above and two below).  The line has something of a hill and dale (no pun intended) profile.

The structures on the far left above and the far right in the first photo at Zoo are unique for a railroad station.

Continuing west we met up with friend John Kleeman at LaGrange Road in LaGrange, IL (above and six below).  Rush hour was now in full swing.

Metra runs a series of expresses that skip all stops between Chicago and one of the outlying suburbs (above and below).  Mostly, however, they terminated in Downers grove.  Frequently a fast moving express will pass a local train that has stopped a station to detrain passengers.  This sets up a very dangerous situation as passengers off the local have crossed in front of the stopped train and walked right into the path of the express with fatal consequences.

Our last photo stop was at Stone Avenue in LaGrange, IL (above and three below).

After we were done shooting we found a nice restaurant with outdoor dining to our left across the street from the station.

Thanks for looking.

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