Monday, September 21, 2015

Two days with Dale - Railfanning

Hi, My friend Dale Diacont presented a program to the Wilmington Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society (NRHS) on Thursday evening, 9/17.  A few weeks ago he invited me to go with him and photograph some trains on the way there and back over two days.  Below are some of the photos taken on the trip up to Wilmington.

By the way it was a very good program and those in attendance thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our first stop was in the Penn Mary section of Baltimore, headquarters of the Canton Railroad, where we found this freshly repainted former SP SW1500.  Taken with permission.

Next we headed over to the Point Breeze section where one of the Canton Railroad jobs was working the CSX's Seagirt Marine Terminal (above and below) with a GP11 of Santa Fe heritage (above and below).

We photographed the second Canton job with a pair of former CP SW1200s in the older Canton paint scheme just south of Boston Street (again with permission).

After lunch with Bill Kalkman near the Canton headquarters building we found the GP11 switching.

Dale wanted to check out a location in Elkton, MD where Bill had photographed some trains and Bill gave us directions to get to the spot.  Only seconds after our arrival a Washington, DC bound regional train blasted by behind a new ACS64.

We waited for another regional train as Dale did not have time to get his camera out for the first one.  While we waited an Acela came south.

Finally another regional train, this time hauled by an AEM-7, showed up and we continued north.

I wanted to photograph at some of the depots along the NE Corridor south of Philadelphia I had seen in photos.  Dale suggested this one at Prospect Park.

I was pleased when the first SEPTA train we saw had the new electric MUs.

Actually, the new MU equipment turned out to be quite common.

Our last stop of the day was Marcus Hook, PA where we encountered Michael Burkhart, President of the Wilmington NRHS Chapter, on the platform.

Michael told us that the express, due at 5:41, usually consisted of a locomotive and coaches.  Unfortunately, on this day EMUs made up the train (above and below).

Thanks for looking.

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