Monday, September 21, 2015

Two days with Dale - Railfanning day 2

Hi, Dale wanted to shoot at Folcroft, PA, a commuter stop on the Northeast Corridor, so we made that our first stop.

We saw and photographed a number of SEPTA commuter trains,

Acelas, and

conventional trains.  All of these trains were headed toward Phildelphia.  Trains headed to Washington, DC were poorly lit and gave no advance warning of their arrival so we did not photograph any here.

Next we moved to Northeast, MD.  The last time I took Dale here he did not have the lenses he needed so he wanted to return.  The above view is from Northeast Community Park.

This view is taken from private property with permission.

After checking out Perryman, MD and finding the light to be marginal we finished up at Edgewood, MD.  The afternoon MARC train is pushing away from the station after a stop.

An Acela followed the MARC train by about 15 minutes,

and it was in turn followed by a regional train after another 15 minutes.

Thanks for looking.

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