Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Italy - 4

Hi, On our third day in Rome Ruthe and I visited the Colliseum in the morning (two photos below)

Since Ruthe was not feeling well I spent the afternoon walking to the Pantheon and searching for the Forum.  This statue is above the main entrance to the Supreme Court.  At this point the battery in my camera died.  I decided to continue without being able to take photos.  However, as I watched all the people taking photos with their phones it dawned on me that I was carrying my smart phone.  So even though I had never taken a photo with the phone I decided to try.  The results follow.

On reaching the Pantheon I took the standard outside view.

It was dark inside making photography with the phone challenging.

The Pantheon faces a square which was surrounded by restaurants.

Further on I encountered the Alter to the Fatherland.  It also is known as the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy.

Here is a side view.

I had a great deal of difficulty locating the Forum.  One of the locals I asked for directions told me the Forum was the entire general area I was in so I took a couple of photos (above and below).

However, I was not satisfied so I continued to search finally stumbling on a couple of vantage points (above and below).  By this point I was really tired and faced a long walk back to the hotel so I quit for the day.

Ruthe and I really enjoyed Rome.  Because she was not feeling well (she was fine the next day) we missed some things we had scheduled.  A reason to return.

One of the amazing things about Italy was how inexpensively one could eat dinner.  I think that is because Italian dinners consist of multiple courses and some of these (e.g., pasta, fish and meat) we would consider an entree.

Thanks for looking.

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