Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Italy Trip - 1

Hi, My wife, Ruthe, and I arrived in Rome on April 15 to begin a trip that would take us to the Amalfi Coast of Italy for a destination wedding followed by a cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Venice.

After a lunch of Pizza (what else?) near our hotel we set out for a walk along the Tiber River with friends Jim and Ila Beck, the groom's parents.  Above is one of the many churches we saw.

As we followed the river we came to the Palace of Justice, home of the Italian Supreme Court (above and below).

Just down river from the Palace of Justice is the Castle St. Angelo (above and three below).  It served as a Papal fortress, residence and prison during its history, and is now a museum.  We were too tired to go in.

During our walk we passed many interesting bridges (above and two below).

In the next post I'll cover our tour of the Vatican, and my walk to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.  Thanks for looking.

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