Thursday, October 20, 2016

Montana Trip - 4A

Hi, Since this was a very busy day I have split the photos into two posts. This one will cover the area between Missoula, MT and Blossberg, MT; on the west slope of Mullan Pass. Note, to see larger photos please click on one of the photos.

About 18 miles east of Missoula we encountered an eastbound train of coal empties at Clinton, MT which we then chased catching it at


east of Nimrod along I-90,


east of Gold Creek, again off the shoulder of I-90 (above and two below) and

at Garrison.

At Garrison the train of coal empties was held up following a slow moving grain train so we switched our attention to the grain train. We caught it twice at Avon (above and two below).  My next post will cover some additional opportunities we had to photograph the coal empties.

At Blossberg, just west of the Mullan Pass Tunnel, a westbound double stack met a four unit eastbound helper set (above and below).

The train stopped to drop its helpers allowing a variety of shots and an opportunity to get ahead.

After the stacker dropped its helpers we had one more opportunity to photograph it (above and two below).

Next we returned to Blossberg to get one more westbound.  This one was carrying aircraft wings (in the two brown cars next to the locomotives) and two aircraft fuselages.

Thanks for looking. 

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Steve Lee said...

Awesome photos! Really enjoyed this post!