Friday, October 21, 2016

Montana Trip - 4B

Hi, This post contains the remainder of the photos I have chosen from September 25.

We will begin at Skyline Trestle at the top of Mullan Pass.  We tried to find the road to the track but were unsuccessful.  Later we learned from Google Maps that the access road begins uphill from the trestle. Here the coal train we had spent most of the morning photographing caught up to us.

It was easy to beat the coal train to Austin as it descended the pass (above and two below).

Later in the day we caught another grain train just west of Austin.

On our way back into Helena we ran into friend James House at a grade crossing. He was there with his two kids and some other fans waiting for BNSF train LAUBAR as it was due out of Helena with a matched set of three MRL SD40s on the point.  After awhile we learned the train would be delayed until sundown so Steve and I joined one of the fans at the depot where the train was waiting for a crew (above and below).

All of the SD70ACes in helper service also were present (above and below)

We then followed the railfan east as the only regularly scheduled intermodal train on the MRL was enroute.  At Louisville we spotted a local in the siding so we got some shots of it (above) and then set up for the intermodal train (three below).

After photographing the local splitting the signals as it departed Louisville we gave chase.

Next up was Winston where the local stopped and then slowly pulled into the siding

behind an empty grain train for a three way meet with a westbound loaded grainer.

Our final location for the day was at Bedford (above and three below).

Thanks for looking.

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