Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Mexico Trains - 2010

Hi, My wife Ruthe and I returned on Saturday from a 2 week vacation in New Mexico. During that time I was able to get in a little rail photography. My first opportunity came on the afternoon of October 2. I went down to the depot in Albuquerque and found the eastbound Southwest Chief getting ready to depart.

Shortly after the Chief left a northbound Rail Runner arrived and departed. Rail Runner operates a limited weekend schedule.

After a southbound arrived and departed I headed back to the hotel.

On October 5th we were traveling from Taos to Socorro when I decided to see if I could find the Rail Runner station in Belen. On the way into town we spotted this eastbound train waiting to enter the yard.

The final opportunity occurred when we followed the Transcon from Vaughn to Belen. We saw a number of trains, including this eastbound just east of Vaughn,

these DPUs on a westbound sitting at the same location,

another eastbound passing the station just out of site around the curve, and

another eastbound on the fill dropping down from the overpass over the UP (former SP).

Our next opportunity was a westbound approaching Encino.

I shot a second westbound rounding the horseshoe curve just west of Willard

and then passing the station of Mountainaire.

This photo shows the construction for the second track to the left of the current main track at the east end of Abo Canyon.

After a short wait here an eastbound climbed the grade and

met a westbound (in the distance) waiting at the current end of double track at Scholle.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Jim said...

That new line through Abo should have some great vistas. Chances are with today's paranoia no railfan will be able to get near the place. I remember fondly the day I drove into Abo and photographed Warbonnets crossing many of the bridges.