Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Railfan Trip to New York State and Pennsylvania - 2

Hi, This was our Alco day. We spent the entire day on the Batten Kill RR with their RS-3. The crew went to work at East Greenwich, NY at about 9:30 AM. They switched the feed mill and another siding.

About 11:00 they headed out to Greenwich Junction where they switched a customer that received fertilizer and then

blocked their train in a small yard.

As they headed south to Eagle Bridge, NY the sun came out. Here the train is entering Shushan, NY.

The next 2 photographs were taken between Shushan and Cambridge.

We setup just south of the restored passenger station in Cambridge for these 2 photos.

While it was only partly sunny when the train arrived in Eagle Bridge, the clouds opened for the train. They dropped their Pan Am Southern interchange cars on the mainline north of town, as Pan Am Southern had not picked up cars previously left for them, and brought only their CP interchange cars into Eagle Bridge.

The crew spent the next few hours switching in Eagle Bridge before calling it a day. They would return to East Greenwich the next day.

While we were photographing the switching operations Pan Am Southern's MOAY passed by on the main. This is combination auto rack intermodal train that comes off the CP at Mohawk Yard near Schenectady, NY. I believe it originates on NS in Chicago, IL

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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