Saturday, October 30, 2010

Railfan Trip to New York State and Pennsylvania - 6

Hi, We planned to spend our final day photographing the Delaware Lackawanna Railroad. The day before Dale called the railroad in Scranton and we learned they would run a turn to Portland with the crew called at 11:00 AM. Sunny weather was forecast and we had the makings of a great day. It was not to be.

When we got down to the Steamtown site at about 8:30 the sun was out but there were puffy clouds. Steamtown's Reading RS-3 sat in their yard and a power set consisting of an Alco C-636, 2 C-425s, and a C-630 sat across from Tower 60, the operational hub of the Delaware Lackawanna. We assumed this would be the Portland turn's power. Following some roster shots Dale went to talk to the dispatcher, who he had met during the NRHS Convention in Scranton in June.

From the dispatcher we learned that the crew on duty at 11:00 AM would first taxi to Carbondale to switch a customer and that the work would be done within the customer's fence. The estimated departure time for Portland was now about 1:00 PM. However, there would be a Steamtown town excursion to Tobeyhanna, PA with the ex Reading FP7s pulling the return trip. The FP7s would depart at 10:00 PM and the excursion train at 11:00 PM. As we had some time to kill Dale went into the Electric City Trolley Museum to by some cards and I took a few shots of the equipment sitting outside.

We then headed for Moscow, PA to get the F units. By now the cloud cover had thickened.

We then went to Tobeyhanna for shots of the F units arriving. Roster shots were easy as we had plenty of time to wait for the clouds to clear the sun.

The steam train was photographed at Gouldsboro, PA and then

Arriving in Tobeyhanna. We had plenty of time as the steam train spent an hour at Gouldsboro.

After lunch we returned to Moscow to await the steam engine running light back to Scranton,

the Portland Turn, shown here taking the siding, and

the Fs and the excursion train.

By the time the trains converged on Moscow it was mostly cloudy. It was 3:30 PM before the excursion train arrived and the Portland turn could continue. By this time everything was socked in and we decided it was better to get an early start for home.

We really enjoyed the trip and hope you enjoyed the photos.

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you have done extremely well on this trip; the area you covered is a personal favorite of mine, just sorry I am no longer able to join "the guys" to take my own pictures.