Monday, October 25, 2010

Railfan Trip to New York State and Pennsylvania - 1

Hi, Friend Dale Diacont and I began an eight day trip to portions of New York State and Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 16. Our first stop was East Orange, NJ along the former Delaware Lackawanna and Western mainline, where we photographed this eastbound commuter train.

We then followed the line west stopping at Orange, NJ where we photographed this westbound train and

this eastbound, both pushing out of the station.

Further west Mountain Station was not a stop for this westbound.

We spent the night in Port Jervis, NY and headed for Honesdale, PA on Sunday. Based on information received when I called the railroad on Friday we expected the Stourbridge Line's BL-2 to face east. However, such was not the case. We decided to chase it anyway as we were there. The train is shown below on the east side of Honesdale, and

at White Mills.

The locomotive ran around the train at Lackawaxen, PA. As there were limited opportunities to shoot the line and as the passengers were off the train at this point we decided to leave.

In Port Jervis we found an Erie Painted E-8 on the former Erie RR turntable. This is part of a museum display.

Also present was a New York & Greenwood Lake RS-3 in a paint scheme reminiscent of the old Erie RR freight scheme.

A number of New Jersey Transit trains operated for Metro North RR's West of Hudson service lay up in Port Jervis.

We checked the schedule after we photographed the laid up trains and found a train from Hoboken, NJ was due shortly.

After photographing the incoming train at Port Jervis we headed for the former New York Central Hudson Division. Our first stop was at New Hamburg, NY where we shot this northbound commuter train arriving.

Our final stop for the day was Poughkeepsie, NY. Below the Ethan Allan is making its station stop next to a Metro North train headed up by a GE in a New Haven paint scheme.

We spent Monday, October 19 on the former Boston & Maine, now Pan Am Southern. We first heard train RJED, pictured below, on the radio about 8:30 AM. However, it did not pass our location on the east bank of the Hudson River, just north of Mechanicville until 10:40. CP seems to really stab Pan Am Southern trains as we were told by other fans we met that our experience was not unusual.

As the sun was now out and the power was interesting we chased the train east. Our next location was Johnsonville, NY where the line to Troy, NY split off and went to the left of the tower.

The dispatcher held the train at Hoosic Junction, NY and sent the crew to man EDMO sitting a few miles east.

However, all the crew did was take EDMO to Eagle Bridge, NY and back it down onto the same track RJED was sitting on.

Meanwhile local AD1 was switching Hoosic Junction. When it was done it took cars up to the Vermont Railway interchange at North Bennington, VT. It left most of its train south of town and brought in only the first car. It then proceeded to work north of the station where it was inaccessible. Thus ended day 3.

The trip got a lot more interesting with and RS-3 and 3 U23Bs. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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