Wednesday, July 30, 2014

France - Cruising to Les Andelys and Chateau Gaillaird

Hi, I got things out of order, for which I apologize. This post covers the stop prior to Caudebec, the subject of the prior post.

We spent part of the morning cruising, passing some very picturesque villages (above and below).  In fact, the further north we went the more photogenic the villages became.

Chateau Gaillard (Chateau was a castle) was built on a hill overlooking the village of Les Anedelys.  I joined a group climbing to the top of the hill overlooking the ruins of the Chateau and the town.

These views (above and 2 below) are of the town of Les Andelys.  The domed building, above, is a hospital.

Here is a view of the side of the Chateau overlooking the Seine.

Looking south through one of the Chateau's windows.

Plants will grow anywhere they can find a niche.  These were growing along the Chateau's walls.

After lunch I took a walk around town.  Many of the buildings exhibited typical Normandy construction.  The framework of beams is erected and then the space in between is filled with, as I recall, a mixture of mud, lime, and gravel.

The local cafe provides a social center in small towns.

All of the buildings are well cared for.  Window boxes were prevalent.

Here is view of the castle from the town.

Thanks for looking. 

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