Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trip to Owosso - 4, Steam

Hi, The main purpose of the trip was to photograph big steam engines (NKP #765 and PM #1225)  pulling excursion trains as part of the Steam Railroading Institute's rail fest.  I will present a montage of 2 1/2 days of photography first showing northbound photos in station order and then southbound, without regard to the date they were taken.  We were joined for most of this part of the trip by Jim Kleeman's brother Jay, a worthy addition.

The northbounds.

Leaving Owosso.

Two views of the Carland Elevator (morning, above and afternoon, below).

At Riley Road, north of Carland (above and below).


Ashley (above and 3 below).


North Star (afternoon above and morning below).


North of Ithaca (above and below).


North of Ithaca (above and below).

Ithaca at the end of the photo runby (above and below).

Ithaca (above and two below).

North Star.

Ashley (above and below).

The young lady on the left side of the photo above has just taken a selfie of herself with the train.


North of Carland at Riley Road (above and below).

Owosso (above and below).

My vehicle after 1 1/2 days of chasing on sometimes muddy roads.

Thanks for looking.

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