Saturday, July 5, 2014

Trip to Owosso, MI - 2

Hi, Wednesday, June 18 was to be given over to photographing the Great Lakes Central Railroad.  This railroad would host the steam trips on Friday through Sunday for the rail fest weekend between Owosso and Alma, MI.

We drove to Owosso under cloudy skies and began to look for activity.  We quickly spotted two locomotives switching in the yard and were able to find a spot to photograph them after searching for a few minutes with the aid of our GPS.  From a brief conversation with the crew we learned that there would not be a road train this day as there was to be a safety meeting.

When the crew pulled north of the yard to gain some head room we found another clear spot just north of the Corunna Ave. grade crossing (above and below).

After the crew completed its switching it returned to the engine house just around a curve from the Corunna Ave. grade crossing.  We photographed the light engines in the same spot as the previous two images (above and below).

Given that there would not be a Great Lakes Central road train we decided to head north to Sagiaw, MI to see what we could find on the Lake States Ry.  Our plan was to return to the Great Lakes Central on Thursday when we were told they would run a road train, which we did.

Since my last visit about 15 years ago the Lake States has undergone a significant expansion.  First, and foremost, it now owns and operates the former CSX yard.  This yard is built around a huge wye with the engine service area in the middle.  We did find a few areas where we could get some photos.

We checked in at the main office to see if we could get train location information but were told only the dispatchers had that information and they were located in the yard tower which was off limits.

We did, however, spot this set leaving the yard to do some local switching and managed to get a few shots (above and below).

We crossed the Saginaw River as we had heard the sound of locomotive horns over there and almost immediately spotted a headlight.  It proved to be a Huron & Eastern train with a Great Lakes Central engine leading.  I believe the trailing unit is a former Central Michigan locomotive.

We were able to catch the train a second time when it pulled down to the south end of the small yard.

After lunch a northbound headed out of the small yard in Saginaw with a former Central Michigan unit (I think) on the point.

We photographed the train a few miles north at Carrollton Township and then headed to Bay City.

In Bay City we encountered a Lake States local (above and below).

We ended our day in Bay City where I shot a Huron & Eastern Caboose (above) and

the power set off the northbound train we had photographed earlier in Bay City and Carrollton Township.

Thanks for looking.

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