Monday, July 28, 2014

France - Rouen

Hi, Our next port of call along the Seine was Rouen. This city is famous as the site of the execution of Joan of Arc in 1431. We took a walking tour of the city in the morning led by our guides from the ship.

Our first stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral (above and 2 below)

As we walked along with our guide there were many street scenes that caught our interest.

This gentleman had his workbench where he makes violins right inside his window.

This clock was installed on an archway over a gateway in the ancient Roman Walls of the city in 1409.

The clock does not have a minute hand, only an hour hand.

These buildings front the square where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

In the window of a store that sold musical instruments I spotted these slightly worn Clarinets.

My wife, Ruthe, and I always try to locate synagogues in cities we visit and Rouen still has a functioning one.  This building was constructed in 1950 after its predecessor was bombed during WWII.

The windows are the work of Marc Chagall (above and below).

Here is the Bema from which services are conducted.

This is one of the towers of the keep.  Joan of Arc was imprisoned in a tower like this prior to her execution.

Thanks for looking.

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