Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trains and Trolleys in Japan

Hi, My wife, Ruthe, and I spent 3 weeks in Japan last month. The first two days after our arrival were spent touring Tokyo and Yokohama after which we boarded a cruise ship for the rest of our stay. In this and the next two posts from Japan I will present some of the rail images I obtained. Ships and travel photos will follow eventually.

The photo below was taken in Tokyo as we were walking through the city.

We used public transportation to get around Tokyo and Yokohama.  The photos below all were taken from the same platform as we were returning to our hotel.   All of the trackage shown here is Japan Railways and is 42 inch gauge.

I am not sure as to the purpose of the train shown on the left of the above photo.  The train on the right is a commuter train.  The commuter trains were 16 cars long.

East Japan Railways, a member of the Japan Railways Group, operates this Limited Express train.

All of the commuter rolling stock is painted in a color specific to the route it operates on.  We saw green, orange, and yellow in addition to Blue.  The double decked cars, 4th and 5th in the consist, are first class.

Thanks for looking.

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